BSP’s product range includes 2 types of birdwire.

Of course we have the well-known 0,7 mm thick coated stainless steel wire. This is a 0,45 mm thick stainless steel wire, with a 0,25 mm thick coating. This is highly suitable for bird exclusion projects, the exclusion of rodents, etc. This wire offers a perfect combination with our crimps.

This wire is available on 500 metre rolls.

In addition to the 0,7 mm version we also have a 1,5 mm thick wire.
This is a 1 mm thick wire, composed of 7 x 7 stainless steel strands, with a 0,5 mm thick coating. It is perfect to use in combination with the double crimps.

This wire is available on 2000 metre rolls.

Price per roll